Maxim Lighting in Portola Valley, California - Poor mounting design

Portola Valley, California
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I recently purchased and after a great deal of difficulty installed a Maxim flush mounted LED ceiling fixture. The mounting system was designed by an ***.

The hanger bracket provided did not work with the composite ceiling fixture in my 37 year old house - the screws ran into the bosses. I jury rigged a replacement but then had to blindly try to feed two screws from the bracket thru the fixture.

There are so many better ways to do this starting with providing a universal bracket and ending with no blind feed throughs that I would recommend other vendors.

Product or Service Mentioned: Maxim Lighting Ceiling Lights.

Reason of review: Bad design.

Monetary Loss: $350.

Preferred solution: Fix the product.

Maxim Lighting delivery promises: months of waiting; no action

Not resolved

Maxim Lighting are happy to take orders, receive your money, and even after a great deal of prodding promise delivery dates. But, they don't seem to be able to actually deliver and can only give answers like: "We have no stock", "The products are made in China and we can't get them made and/or delivered", or "Contact your dealer and cancel the order".

We ordered two chandeliers for a kitchen remodel. One was shipped after a month or so. The other one hasn't yet arrived and we won't have received it after 3+ months.

How can Maxim Lighting treat customers in this manner? Their Customer Service doesn't seem to care. They certainly don't perform any follow-up.

Should companies be allowed to advertise products that they really can't deliver in a reasonable timeframe.

Maxim Lighting/ATG Stores scam

Norwalk, Iowa
Not resolved

Bought 2 Maxim Lighting exterior lighting fixtures through ATG Stores. Beautiful fixtures and durable per the description.

$170 per light. Got the first 2. Noticed that the engineering drawing didn't match the way they were manufactured and because of that, you cannot mount them in a way where they will last as an exterior product because of water infiltration - they are billed as an exterior fixture. 2 parts to the fixture - mount (on the wall) and cover assembly with a 'nipple' on one end to hang the light cover from and a screw on the other end (bottom side) to facilitate changing the bulb by removing it.

The holes are reversed on the mount so that if you assemble the fixture per the engineering drawing, it will only last for a year or 2 because of water infiltration from the screw hole being at the top instead of the bottom. If you attach the mount to the wall upside down to facilitate the holes being in the wrong spot, you compromise the fixture's electrical integrity by making the socket (where the light plugs into) face upwards thus becoming a water collection point. And the 'nipple' insertion hole is not threaded and a different size - there is only 1 way to attach the cover to the mount. Called ATG Stores.

They sent 2 more. Same exact problem. Called back to return them. Called the manufacturer to report the problem.

Got the run around from the manufacturer saying that they would review (that has been over a month now - a later call to them confirmed they had destroyed them without even looking at them). ATG Stores has a money back guarantee if the return is due to a manufacturing defect. We love the lights and would have accepted them had they not been mismanufactured. Still would.

But now ATG Stores has charged us $70 in return shipping charges (and so far) will not credit our account for them (several calls, emails, etc.). We got absolutely nothing tangible, but had to pay $70 in return shipping.

Model to avoid: Maxim Lighting 8630 Beam Energy Saving Outdoor Sconce (we purchased the 16" version, not sure if other sizes are also mismanufactured).

Note to anyone who purchased these: when they fail in a couple of years, now you will understand why.In the pictures, note that the outside of the cover with the 'nipple' is smooth with no hole. The close up of the holes is to show one is threaded and the other is smooth where the 'nippled' cover end goes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Maxim Lighting Lights.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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